Ngày: 18-03-2022 | bình luận

Wild Bloom is a boutique floral design studio specializing in dried flowers, florists and creative spaces that emphasize experimentation and thoughtful, highly artistic gift giving.

Launched in 2019 and based in Saigon, Wild Bloom concept store was designed to inspire from the very beginning and it was created from founders’s passion for everything that is beautiful, different and brings joy to our lives.

We choose to work with dried flowers for their sustainability and environmental friendliness thanks to their low carbon footprint, and they have a long lasting life. 

The long-lasting nature of dried flowers could be the foundation for any creative project, especially because they are accessible all year round, during all seasons. Each day we find new and unique ways of arranging our favorite ones and the creative possibilities are endless.

In a world on fast forward, we help you take the time to enjoy, feel and connect to others through our custom experiences, may that be: a uniquely scented candle gift box with decorated by dried flowers, a vase of dried flowers for the grand opening ceremony, a bouquet of flowers for your love one's birthday. We're also loved by our creative products for home decoration or high enjoyment places such as window display areas of shopping malls, fashion shops, furniture showrooms, restaurants, cafes....


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